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At EvoEnergy we can give you peace of mind for the whole feed in tariff contract term and beyond by offering a comprehensive aftercare service to ensure your solar pv system is operating at its optimum performance year after year, protecting your return on investment.

Our O&M service has recently been revised to offer three tiered options that can be customised further to tailor a solution that meets your requirements. See below for details of each option.

EvoEnergy customers already benefit from a full two year guarantee on the workmanship of the mounting system and wiring of the system but thereafter, we recommend annually inspecting your system and recommend, subject to no unforeseen debris build up, an annual panel clean.

Please note that our O&M service is available to those with system sizes from 20 kWp up to multi MWp sites. Please enquire for more details and pricing.

Not installed with EvoEnergy?

Our OR&M service is available not just to customers with solar pv systems installed by EvoEnergy, but also to those that installed solar pv with another service provider. With many solar pv installers going out of business, many companies are left without support for their system – if you are one of these companies, have peace of mind that we are here to support you with your system maintenance and operational needs.

Operation and maintenance options

Option 1 | Non contract maintenance visit

This option allows you to request a one-off non-contract maintenance visit where one of our qualified electrical technicians will perform a visual initial inspection of your system and re-test electrical components and consumables*. Also included is a review of the data collected by the inverter and any fault codes identified. A shading analysis will also be conducted before a detailed report of findings is created and delivered to you with any recommendations for remedial or maintenance work, which we can carry out at additional cost.

* Only components and consumables that are immediately accessible will be tested.

Option 2 | Monitoring only (contract)

This option allows you to benefit from a monitoring service of your solar pv system (minimum 12 month contract term) in addition to an annual maintenance visit, detailed in option 1. Our ongoing ‘real time’ monitoring of your system will highlight any generation issues and if your system goes offline, we will notify you within 24 hours. Any remedial or maintenance work can then be arranged at additional cost. Whilst live generation will be made available to you online, we will also provide detailed monthly generation reports for your records.

Option 3 | Operation, repair & maintenance (contract)

The full OR&M option (minimum 12 month contract term) gives you all the benefits of option 2 plus peace of mind that you are also covered for two remedial repair visits and up to £250 +VAT towards consumable costs per year. Furthermore, EvoEnergy will also take ownership of your feed in tariff and warranty management, and implement various additional levels of system monitoring from live daily meter readings to individual inverter monitoring.


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