Choosing The Right Solar Panels

They may look pretty similar, but not all solar panels are created equal.

Wanting to compare solar panels? There are four main factors to take into account: efficiency, value, aesthetics and warranty.

We’re proud to offer a range of best-selling panels from manufacturers we know and trust. We’re completely unbiased, so all our recommendations are based purely on what we believe to be the best option for you.

EvoEnergy Solar Panel Range


Some panels are more efficient than others, so they’ll produce more power from a smaller surface area. As a rule the more you’re willing to pay the better the technology and the more efficient the panel. We’d urge you to think about this in relation to the size of your roof – if you have a small roof and want to make the most of the space it’s best to get the most efficient panels you can. If it’s a larger area you’ll get better returns with less-expensive panels.


The simple way to look at this is the cheaper the system, the better the return on your investment. But if you’re planning for the long term it’s worth remembering that more expensive panels may last longer, and perform more consistently all year round.


If the way the panels look on your roof is a concern, an all-black panel may be the best solution. They’re especially suited to slate roofs as they blend in well with the dark tiles. If planning regulations are an issue, opting for black panels could help you get your system approved. An alternative could be using solar tiles which replace the tiles on your roof.


There are two things to look out for here. The product warranty tells you how long the manufacturer will guarantee the workmanship of the panels for, while the performance guarantee indicates how the performance will decline over the panel’s lifetime.


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